Reketye Brewing Co.

Beer. One thing we definitely do love…

and we also like to make people happy.

Is there any better tool for that, than beer? Well probably there is but we are pretty good at this one, so we stick to it.

As we also stick to the classic values in beer, but we are never afraid to toy around now and then, with some craziness. We look into the trends of today and create the ones of tomorrow, and always try to learn and innovate, so we can step over our boundaries.

Constant learning and progression

Our brewery was established in 2014 and it has been part of our life ever since. Constant learning and progression, that will hopefully never stop. There will be always someone to learn from. Our innovations can be seen in the brewery as we are the pioneers of canning in craft industry in Hungary, using water treated with reverse osmosis and playing around with water chemistry, having a unique pre-whirlpool cooler for better hop usage, and first ones in sours too.

We love what we do. We love challanges. We love learning. We make beer we love…

We also learn a lot from our fellow brewers in Hungary and attend as many festivals and events around Europe as we can. Not to forget, we are working really hard to connect our scene with the world trough collaborations with amazing brewers like Left Hand, De Molen, Next lvl, Alechemy, 42North, Dogma, Green Gold.  And there is more to come!