Our red is a sexy one. She’s Pretty. She’s Happy. She’s Pretty Hoppy! Hints of tropical fruits combined with the spiciness brings a unique combination of look and flavour. Yes, we do like this beer!

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Russian deal

As you know, Russian troops were stationed in Hungary up untill 1990. One of their barracks was near the town where our father was working as an agricultural engineer in one of the country’s many collectives, or co-operatives that had been formed through collectivization of land. In socialist times, since everything belonged to the state, and everything belonged to everyone, there were a lot of creative ways of making money on the side. This applied to Russian soldiers, and selling fuel was a thriving business. Our father asked if they could supply some more fuel, than the normal 1-200 liters (25-50 gallons). The answer was yes, but the next time they met they were in for a bit of a surprise. What they saw was a Russian army tanker truck with 40.000liter gasoline, followed by a heavy duty earth mover. They didn’t really understand why, untill it started to carve a massive trench. Then the soldiers parked the truck in the hole. Yes the burried the whole tanker with the fuel, covered it back so just a small tap was visible, and voilá. they went there for petrol for three years…


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