This beer is a top fermented unfiltered flavour bomb. Malt driven with the right amount of hops, this beer brings you the piney, red fruits flavour with a hint of dried plum and green nuts. This beer hits 6.5% abv in a tricky way. You will only realise it after you stand up from the last one!

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Long walk

Its a dark ale so this story is a bit darker… Our grandfather was 16 when WWII reached Budapest. Luckily he was too young to be drafted, but at the time, all boys between 12-21 had to take part in a youth movement which was a half-militarized, scouts-like organization,and became openly pre-military by this time. The end of the war saw Hungary under a fascist puppet regime and by 1944 even 14-15 year olds were drafted and sent to Germany for training. The german soldier who was in charge of their group decided to start leading the group on a long march north/west, towards Denmark. They walked for weeks, around 15 miles every day, slept where they could and ate what they found. During this “longwalk” he and his friends had to dig frozen potatoes out of the ground if they wanted to eat, and his only constant source of energy was a small bag of sugar around his neck. They were lucky enough to find a train wreck that transported sugar, he decided that he only had one spoonful a day to keep his energy and to have his bag of sugar last as long as possible. They managed to escape the front untill the end of the war, after which he still had to work on a farm in Chechoslovakia for a year, before he was allowed to return home. All this time his family knew nothing of his whereabouts or even if he was alive, but he made it back to Budapest.


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